Traktor Kontrol S4 DJ System Available Nov 1 For $999

Native Instruments has announced that Traktor Kontrol S4 its first integrated DJ system, will be in stores starting November 1st.

Traktor Kontrol S4 Description:

Traktor Kontrol S4 was designed to be a fully integrated system, where software and hardware are fused. Custom-tailored for Traktor, the S4 fuses a premium-quality 4 channel DJ mixer, a built-in 24 bit/96 kHz soundcard, an intuitive controller, and the Traktor Pro S4 software into one professional solution.

Traktor Kontrol S4 Features:

  • 4-deck TRAKTOR controller and software, built by the same team
  • Plug & play – all you need to start mixing is your computer and MP3s
  • Hardware: 4-channel mixer with ergonomic layout, 2 high-res touch-sensitive jog wheels
  • Built-in high-end 24-bit/96kHz low-latency audio interface with Cirrus Logic® AD/DA converters and MIDI I/O
  • 2 analog inputs with phono and mic preamps for hooking up turntables, CD players or external audio gear; RCA mic in, balanced 1/4″ TRS and unbalanced RCA master out
  • Software: TRAKTOR PRO S4 – pro features, supreme usability; features 4-deck mixing and effects, plus all-new Sample Decks and a powerful Loop Recorder
  • TRAKTOR engine ensures perfect sync and tight mixing – timecode control option coming soon.
  • 2 customizable FX sections with over 25 performance effects for adding your own sound
  • Powerful MP3 management with iTunes integration and iPod compatibility Intuitive design, ready-made sample content and tutorial videos make it easy for new users to get started

Traktor Kontrol S4 has a suggested retail price of $999/899 EUR. Preorders are being taken at the NI online shop.

5 thoughts on “Traktor Kontrol S4 DJ System Available Nov 1 For $999

  1. Aint even no need worthwhile for mixin with a "chessy turntable" setup these days just look at REAL DJ like paul van dyk, dedmau5, and bassnectar they aint even wastin on cdjs or no turntable. They use ableton cause they is producers that know about creatin real music that is more than just there own because its there own. Mixtrack, VSI-300, Hercules and NI S4 these toys is for kids who cant afford cdj and want to be like fery corstin with there parents money in the bedroom. try somethin orginal for a change we got 2many djs these days every raver and his uncle wants to be a posin DJ.


    1. this isnt a toy actually its a huge step forward in live performance. ricthie hawtin uses traktor and he is arguably one of the best producers of all time and a pioneer in the industry. he uses traktor and ableton because you can sync them up together. ableton doesnt have a user interface that is as straight forward as traktor. cdjs and turntables are dinosaur style stuff. people claim the "real" dj attitude but whats sos fun about taking two tracks and layering them into each other. i dont see the appeal of taking credit for other peoples work. meaning djs will also go the way of the dinosaur. google "deadmau5 on djs" and he doesnt use cdjs either. why would you spend you time beatmatching when you can spend your time manipulating harmonics.

  2. the age of controllerism is here. gone are the days when clubs will have a standard setup for djs to spin. people will be bring in their setups to the club and then going town with their own personal setup. confining yourself to one method of form becuse it is the standard then you have already lost. its all about creativity and how some expresses their creativity with sound. and most of the time you need to have your own creative setup that you are used to ti accomplish the end goal. the more control you have over the sound the more creative you can get. and that is why cdjs and turntables have lost.

  3. Human Nature in general is "scared" of change. Whether its DJing or Religion, people dont like change. But when new technology allows for greater, smaller, more advanced systems, such as the S4, why would we want be using the same gear since 2001?

    With better technology comes more creativity.. Mixing is mixing. You can mix with CD's or vinal. In the long run, whatever floats your boat…

    Im sure most of the CDJ's are just mad that all the newer DJ's are able to start by using their itunes library rather than flip through a CD case with 1000+ CDs..

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