New iOS MIDI Sequencer Coming Soon

The developers at Bleep Blox are excited about a new hardware MIDI sequencer they are developing for the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

I am working on a new app. Some of you may know that Line6 recently changed their licensing agreement around making apps for the Midi Mobilizer, which makes it much more attractive for developers. I decided to throw my hat in the ring, and have begun work on a MIDI sequencer focused on live MIDI jams with your favorite music gear. My goal with this (not yet named) app is to give you one of the most intuitive and fun sequencing environments you’ve ever used, while opening up the possibility of making music with your gear in more casual settings, other than sitting in front of a computer. We are rethinking the way things like piano rolls work by redesigning them for the touch screen and making them as easy to use as a paint program.
Features are still being decided, but you will be able to create multiple loops of MIDI and send them to any MIDI channel. You’ll also be able to automate CC’s to control your synthesizer’s knobs. Stay tuned for more info!

This is vaporware, at this point, but Bleep Box’s concept for a multitouch step sequencer sounds very interesting.

What features would you like to see in an ultimate touchscreen MIDI music sequencer?

8 thoughts on “New iOS MIDI Sequencer Coming Soon

  1. sounds cool, features that would rock:
    several different screens
    a tenori-on style grid screen
    beat pad screen
    lock to musical key in piano roll and grid
    randomize notes function (lock to key also)
    hold button to freeze on a selected midi note for glitchy goodness
    multiple screens for controller assignments knobs/faders which can be named
    sequencer screen with different midi channels each represented as channel
    yeh baby!

  2. Randomization features would definitely be nice.

    I like the grid format – but how about grids of arbitrary notes – so you can do something besides 16-note sequences?

    "Scenes" that you can use to trigger switches to different MIDI sequences.

    Ability to playback loops in sequence to MIDI loops.

    Dancing girls and free beer.

    X/Y pad for manipulating parameters of patches while playing back sequences.

  3. Would be great if it has the ability to send clock sync signals so that other gear (drum machines or the arpeggiator of another synth) could be in time.

  4. the ability to run a row with, say, seven 16th notes against a row with nine 16th notes. and the ability ro run rows forwards, backwards back&forth, of course.

  5. Hi
    I'm new here but a student of the University of the West england and for my final year project i am developing a synth using the MM device on iOS, baring in mind the somewhat limited platform and time schedule I was thinking of Frequency Modulation being the main technique what synths would people like to see? I have just finished my proposal and research is a key part so a discussion would be great acknowledgements will be given!

    It would be great to hear from you all!


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