3 thoughts on “Space Music Synth Jam

  1. Thanks for posting this.
    The synthesizer modules are made by Synthesizers.com, Moon Modular, STG Soundlabs, Oakley Audio, Cynthia, Megaohm, Grove Audio.
    Te whole thing was done in one take. Using a Q104 midi interface to send pitch cv from a Novation ReMOTE 37SL. The sequencers used are Q960, Q119 and STG Time Modules.
    Reverbs for the sequencers are Lexicon MX200, T.C.Electronics D-Two, and Strymon Blue Sky. The lead voice reverb was Audio Damage's Eon. Recorded to Cubase 4 and video edited with Final Cut Express.

  2. David

    Nice work – and thanks for the info on your setup.

    Do you have a site where people can check out you and your music?

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