Moog Slim Phatty (Video) A ‘Wicked Machine’

Richard Devine meets the new Moog Slim Phatty Analog Synthesizer, and gives the ‘wicked machine’ a workout.

via MoogMusicInc:

Richard Devine meets the new Slim Phatty Analog Synthesizer from Moog.

Real Moog sound now fits your back pack and your budget. The Slim Phatty’s 100% analog signal path, intuitive user interface, rugged construction and rich MIDI, USB and Control Voltage functionality make it a must-have for producers, touring musicians and DJs.

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18 thoughts on “Moog Slim Phatty (Video) A ‘Wicked Machine’

  1. Personally, I don't have any problem with who Moog is or isn't working with to help promote the products. Mr. Devine looks like he's having some fun with this, and I see no reason to attack him.

    As far as the product itself is concerned, this sort of slimmed down tabletop aesthetic is a good one. What I'm really interested in seeing and hearing is more demonstrations of the Moog Slim Phatty where the sounds being featured aren't quite so squelchy. I look forward to more variety in the demo department.

  2. I thought the Slim Phatty was a Lil Phatty tabletop… am I mistaken?

    Are the osc, filters, amp, etc. identical? The only new features I could glean were the midi through and the alternate tunings…

  3. So he is sitting there saying how accurate the Moogs big knobs (oo-err!) are, and he is twidding away and then he had to do it, he had to get out the iphone and start controlling it on a tactile-less little tiny screen. "Use these great big responsive knobs? No give me a tactileless touchscreen any day because that's all the rage and I don't want to be seen to be left behind"! 😉

  4. Jesus C!!! Can I finally get a Moog!?! 8o This is maddening! Can I control this with X-Station? I mean like controlling MANY things with many knobs and X-Y -pad!

  5. or it's possible he enjoys using touchscreens. but i'm sure yours is more likely. It's not like he owns ANYTHING else with touch control, so he must just be following trends.

  6. Am I the only one who senses a little insincerity in mr. Devine's behaviour? When he says "It's been a lot of fun! Definitely! Good job guys!" it sounds to me more like he's trying to convince himself than that he has really had a good time with the synth. He seems reserved and awkward for the entire duration of the clip.

    Of course it might be that that's simply his personality. I don't know. Nevertheless, I just wanted to say that the video came off a bit odd to me.

    Then again, that will not keep me from buying one of these little devils. I can't wait for my tax refund!

    1. I think the video was odd in general… the sounds used to showcase the synth were not stereotypical of the little phatty at all…

      Devine is a great sound designer, but his style is not very classic/vintage… (which is what this synth excels at)… they should have picked a decent hip hop/rock producer to showcase the bass and lead sounds, where most of their sales will probably come from.

      The modular/ muffwiggler clique won't need a video to realize that this is not for them (except as a really cool cv converter and keyboard)… devine's demo makes that obvious.

      He even says it himself in the video that he's never really been a "moog guy"…

  7. Yeah, he looks kinda bored.

    My comments on this video: Im sure the slim phatty can do more than make silly noises – No doubt you can produce real music and drive it with, say, a etherwave theremin!

    Ordered the Slim and it should arrive tomorrow (nov. 18th) and thinking about a utube video or two to showcase all the presets it has. Then there would be something online to give musicians an idea of Slim's musical potential and not just the exotic sound efx it can produce.

  8. Sorry but I think Jordan Rudess is a great talent for promoting great products.
    I don't seem to be there with you on your attempt at acid tongue aimed at JR,
    I am just not there with you on this.

    I guess there could be much worse than JR for a whore and that would be you.

  9. You know I am going even further and say it is one thing when someone makes money for promoting products and don't give anything back in the process.
    Jordan actually shares secrets of his knowledge of synthesis… many people will do that!
    I have watched his vids on the little phatty and in a humble way shares his knowledge while promoting a product……very…..very…..very rare'
    But I am sure you can do much better?…..Yea! you bet.

  10. Yes, I think this demo is a bit bland. I own a Little Phatty and it can do a heck of a lot more than silly sound fx and filter sweeps. I prefer a more MUSICAL use of equipment. Tweaking knobs to a drum loop gets old real quick. I'll take Jordan's approach any day.

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