13 thoughts on “Steve Aoki & Armand Van Helden – BRRRAT!

  1. Not only Steve Aoki can suck a dick, but this whole new generation of djs that play that kind of "maximal" electronic music. They just care about partying and the girls on the dance floor, they dont give a f*** about music.

  2. Are the kids stealing your paper from the lawn again? Make sure you shake your fist at them, so they know the full extent of your steaming disapproval.

  3. Sorry Polite, the kids those days are not the same from when you was out. I rather go to a place to listen to some old school techno, than this 'laptop side-chainning maximal abuse' that Steve Aoki does. In fact, i went every weekend to club's that played that kind of music in '09, but i can't stand that public in general anymore, normally arrogant hipsters that dress like clowns.

  4. It's called getting old. I've been clubbing for almost 15 years. Youth will always be youth, it doesn't really change, they want to go out and impress and get fucked up. the difference is you, you aren't going out to get wasted and pick up, you are going out for the music (i assume), and all those kids out enjoying themselves bother you and your enjoyment of the music. It's cool, but you can't really expect people to change for your benefit. As for the music, it's just a trend, not everything has to be the same music you like. Not everything has to be highbrow or intellectually stimulating. Sometimes all you need is something loud with a beat to get you moving. The posers will always be there, but you can ignore them. If you don't like the music, then listen to music you do like. or.. you know.. stay inside and watch them through the gaps in your blinds. Scary, scary young people.

  5. it's not terrible, but if you know owt about house music and what's out there, this is bottom-of-the-barrel stuff that'll cosy itself onto a Ministry of Sound mix. That silly crescendo @ 2:27 is a cheap device by average producers to elicit tension/excitement – not good enough.

    Also, you'll not see serious heads give Aoki much love – he's a notorious, 1st class prick, and everyone in the industry knows this. He's a throwback to the bad old days of the 'superstar' DJ.

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