Studio di Fonologia (RAI Milan)

Studio di Fonologia (RAI Milan)

Saturday Synth Porn: This video, via elgauchoandres, documents a visit to the Museum of Musical Instruments in Castello Sforzesco – Milano.

This exhibition shows the tudio di Fonologia Musicale, recreated as it was in its glory days, including almost every piece of the equipment.

The Studio di Fonologia Musicale was founded by Bruno Maderna & Luciano Berio at Milan Radio, in Italy, in 1954.

6 thoughts on “Studio di Fonologia (RAI Milan)

  1. Your Ipad was not doing too many things in the 60s … and if these machines and the people who built and operated them haven't existed back then your Ipad wouldn't be here either … anyway …

  2. i was joking mate… I'm Italian and I feel proud pf what RAI was doing in Milan in those years and even though this stuff is not useful anymore it's so bad it's not being used. I was just acting like a standard synthopia user

  3. Hi to all, doing a websearch found this great site. I wanted to mention that in fact the Studio was functional from the 50’s (1955) I know about the Italian sense of humor, my phone have much more power that my first computer! 😉 ci veddiamo

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