Vocaloid Live Concert – Synthesized Vocals, Virtual Vocalist


This video captures a bizarre “live” Vocaloid Live concert performance, featuring live musicians and a virtual vocalist.

Vocaloid is a software application that lets vocals be synthesized from sampled vocal elements.

Unfortunately, the next logical step is to replace the audience with robots……..

15 thoughts on “Vocaloid Live Concert – Synthesized Vocals, Virtual Vocalist

  1. In the near future, Science Fiction writers will be struggling to keep up with the present day, let alone predict the future. Maybe that's why Gibson's latest novel isn't set in the future… he's got as far as predicting that ;p

  2. If you know a vocalist that feels threatened by a Vocaloid, tell them to get into a line of work more suited to their talents. Buggy-whip makers, possibly. Seriously, if they CAN be threatened by fully synthetic replacements, they deserve to be replaced.

  3. This combined with the robot vocalist from the other week makes me feel a little bit like i'm living in a blade runner style future. I'm hoping that before I die I can go in to a seedy bar with a robotic singer and holographic erotic dancers and have a scotch on the rocks all tech-noir. With luck by then my smartphone battery will last more than a day.

  4. So should bloggers and people who reply to forums. Replace em all. It's not that hard to write code that simulates written intelligence. At least the typos and grammar will be much improved!

  5. So, does this suggest you're exemplifying the first wave of an exciting new technology? (Seriously, I've seen more typos and grammar failures since the Eternal September began than ever in the years before. Maybe the web is just innately intellectually toxic.)

  6. It's a hologram and learn about Vocaloids first and they won't replace audience with robots. Sorry dudes but this is out of your league for culture. Become a Vocaloid fan and then you'll appreciate it. They're just having a band play as a way to let the music (done by fans using Vocaloid music editing software) be performed live. A very passionate thing.

  7. Sega doesn't know how much the people want to see this concert all around the world. Its TOO HARD to communicate with Sega, i've tried everything but they are so unavailable. It Sucks.

  8. ikr? i REALLY want to see a concert here and i think i'd be fun to actually have the vocaloid software, to kinda make my own character w/ my voice..that isn't uber-expensive.. and i think in the future everything will be hologramy like that one fractal anime..

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