New Cyclops Module Lets You Control Frickin’ Lasers With Your Modular Synthesizer

LZX Industries has announced the first Eurorack-to-ILDA Laser Projector interface – a module designed to let you control lasers with your modular synthesizer. Cyclops is an interface module which converts modular signals to the International Laser Display Association (ILDA) specification for laser show projectors. You can use Cyclops with your modular to synthesize a full range of oscillographics patterns and lissajous geometries.

Interview With Analog Video Visionary Liz Larsen Of LZX Industries

Programmer/module designer Darwin Grosse let us know that analog video superstar Liz Larsen is featured on the latest episode of his Art + Music + Technology podcast. Liz Larsen is a multimedia programmer and owner/designer of LZX Industries, a company that specializes in Eurorack format synthesizer modules designed for video. Here’s what Grosse has to say about… Read More Interview With Analog Video Visionary Liz Larsen Of LZX Industries

New Video Made With Modular Synthesizer – Tform

Reader Matos let us know about Tform – a film about transformation, reproduction, mutation and decay that was made with an LZX Eurorack modular synthesizer. Animation generated in 2d animation software, processed, and feed into LZW video synth. Input is manipulated and feed into an oscilloscope and refilmed. Sound design with Reaktor 5.