Danny Boy (Londonderry Air) On Theremin

Peter Pringle performs Londonderry Air, known to many as Danny Boy, on the Moog Ethervox Theremin.

via copperleaves:

The great Irish singer Harry P. Greene (born in Dublin in 1865) said of this traditional Irish melody, “It is a perfect example of pure phrasing far beyond the powers of that most limited instrument, the human voice. Only the violin can begin to do it justice and rise to its wonderful climax with every note serenely true. None of the great singers have tried to sing it; they know better!”

Since it was first introduced in the mid 19th century, this melody has remained one of the most recognizable and loved throughout the world. There have been several sets of lyrics written to be sung to this tune (the most popular is “Danny Boy”) but the melody stands beautifully on its own.

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