Numark Intros The NDX800 DJ Controller

Numark NDX800 DJ Controller

2011 NAMM Show: Numark introduced the NDX800 Controller – a controller designed for DJs who want to use DJ software to perform, without giving up the ability to play other types of media such as CDs, MP3 CDs or music on USB flash drives.

NDX800 Controller comes pre-mapped and complete with Traktor LE in the box.

The NDX800 Controller has a large touch-sensitive platter for controlling, cueing, and scratching. You can connect a USB flash drive for access to MP3s. You can also use it to control MIDI software by connecting NDX800 to a Mac or PC with a USB cable.

NDX800 Controller has an advanced platter that is touch-sensitive for superb accuracy and smooth control of tracks on discs, flash drives, and software. The large, 7.75” platter is surrounded by an illuminated ring that acts as a position display, like putting tape on vinyl. The platter’s touch sensitivity is adjustable.

NDX800 Controller includes beat-synced DSP effects, including chop, echo, filter, flanger, pan, and phaser. NDX800 Controller also has an internal sampler and three sample/hot cue trigger pads. NDX800 Controller has seamless looping on a set of easy-to-understand controls,including adjustable loop-out point.

Five stutter starts and cue point memory storage round out this powerful deck’s remix capabilities.

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