Want To See What BT’s New Stutter Edit Can Do? Check This Out!

Richard Devine demonstrates how he mangles beats with BT’s new Stutter Edit, introduced at the 2011 NAMM Show:

Going through a couple of my gesture variations for the Stutter Edit plug-in. Using only one instance for this example and processing a single drum loop with no other plug-ins.

The gesture effects are triggered by a M-Audio Oxygen-8 MIDI keyboard while changing to different banks in real-time.

Note that all the variations in this 5 minute video are being generated from one drum loop.

8 thoughts on “Want To See What BT’s New Stutter Edit Can Do? Check This Out!

  1. even though i already have plenty ways to mangle beats atomizer(virus ti),kp3, monome i was debating about getting this pulgin asking myself if i really need this vid has sold me for$150 and being cpu friendly why not

  2. It's approach to LFOs for each option is a really nice piece of interface design.

    You can never have too many stutter effects imho. It's a bit more than i'm willing to pay for a plugin though.

  3. all these effects can be very easily achieved with a program like max msp , thus the price seems ridiculous. And an observation if i might.. these kind of processes when taken to extreme as the video shows tend to render the original material irrelevant. What i mean is that in the extremes the sound material one will get out of ths plugin will be always the same wich is not very usefull.

  4. You can’t be serious. This is the worst demo I have ever witnessed and I use every software out there imaginable for stutter and fx editing. I’m sure this software has potential but they need someone that knows what they’re doing to showcase what it can really do.
    Remix of system of a down (hypnotize) stutters, efx, beat mangling, everything but the kitchen sink. follow the link below…. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=47PKoi_efgk&sn

    1. dude, do you know who richard devine is at all? do some research. i doubt he was stretching his abilities with this simple demo. and your youtube link is ok, but you should perhaps let the music stand on its own without all the voiceover crap and bad photos. no offense, just some free advice.

  5. Yeah ok Electro; so the music didn’t stand on it’s own because of a 10 second voice over in the beginning and some pictures, yeah ok YouTube videos have incredible video and pictures for all to follow suit.

    As far as the demo for this product, I know a bad one when I see one and this is bad regardless of who did it; no offense just saying. People need to respect the art of editing.

    I’ve seen Plugins like this come and go because of bad demos or poorly written manuals. Stutter edit is no different.

  6. Electro and everyone else on here; my apologies for the Ill worded comment. I’m very passionate about this style of Remixing; I’ve painstakingly done it on programs like Vegas pro, acid pro and pro tools and I’ve become very acquainted with other plugins that do this sort of thing; it was unprofessional of me to comment on a product that I don’t even know how to use, I downloaded the demo and let’s just say that I realized how stupid it was making the comments I made after hearing what I did.

    Peace and Respect; I’m going to try and make sense of this program and hopefully make my life alot easier.


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