7 thoughts on “ReSynth

  1. Fantastic idea! I love the idea of touchscreens in that they can represent any GUI, but dislike them because there is no tactile feedback. This looks like a step closer to that….though if you look closely the VST knobs go in the opposite direction to the physical knob 🙂

  2. I give him an "A" for effort, but I'm not sure this will feel as good as it might seem. Part of the tactile nature of hardware is that the knobs are attached to something, typically the shaft of a pot. The knobs in the video were noticeably sliding a bit, that would bother me personally. Also, it seems using these on your touchscreen, you may inadvertently scratch the screen?

  3. I love it !

    I agree with steve, but it's quite doable to make or DIY a knob with a small suction pad. It would attach the knob to the screen. It would be awesome thing on an ipad too (would have to add a conductive material under the knob, making it 'act' like a finger).

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