The Misa Kitara Digital Guitar In Action

Here’s a collection of clips that demonstrate the Misa Kitara digital in action. No talk, just Kitara action.

The Misa Digital Instruments Kitara and Kitara Limited Edition are unique 100% digital guitars.

The Kitara includes a multifunction touch-screen, MIDI controls and an on-board polyphonic synthesizer with effects. Instead of using strings, guitarists control sound through their fingertips, using the touch-screen and fret board to play, enhance and alter sounds in real-time.

9 thoughts on “The Misa Kitara Digital Guitar In Action

  1. fun… it's a keytar the other way around. Guess it will make you look a bit stupid anyway. They really should have left that fake looking electric guitar shape away, going for a more subtle design.

  2. man,- they really should have left those two-hand tapping segments out,- not that the other parts sound much better,- i've honestly never been less enticed to buy anything, ever.

  3. This strikes me more as a poor man's Eigenharp than a guitar replacement.

    On another note, "Misa Kitara" sounds like something Jar Jar Binks would say.

  4. really interested to see what will happen with this… definitely think they'll be a few musicians out there who'd want to get their hands on it. I'm all for reinventions and such, gotta make the world go round and all… cool!

  5. I saw the rock n roll looking guy playing it at the namm show and it was awesome. It was only the prototype, but what I saw and heard was really cool. I think it will be cool once its finished. I think they were filming a movie or a video at the same time as well.

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