The NAMM Show’s Amazing Paradigm-Shifting Game-Changer

Here’s something that you may have missed in our 2011 Winter NAMM Show coverage – the amazing, paradigm-shifting game-changing hyperbole.

We usually try to cut through the press release hype, the over-the-top videos and the occasional BS to bring you our real perspective on the new products at the NAMM show.

Just for fun, though, here’s a truly amazing and unique look, via the AIR Users Blog, at the unfiltered once-in-a-lifetime awesomeness of NAMM.

Consider your game changed.

Note: While this video is pretty funny, we have to give some respect, too, for the company reps at NAMM, who pretty much work their asses off every day at the show, for 100,000 people, at deafening sound levels.

9 thoughts on “The NAMM Show’s Amazing Paradigm-Shifting Game-Changer

  1. Well. Erm. Unlike the plethora of *predictably* boring ho-hum new synth/keyboard offerings, and neverending godawful stomp box introductions, the SoundDock DOES seem like a gamechanger, lol.

  2. Oh look! Another hardware stomp box looper! Gamechanger! lol.

    Oh look! Another DAW controller! Gamechanger! lol.


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