Fostex Intros PM0.4n Near-field Studio Monitors In Rainbow-Brite Colors

2011 Winter NAMM Show: Fostex is shipping its new PM0.4n studio monitors, which feature a new exterior design, high efficiency bi-amp design, and rainbow-brite colors.


  • Aromatic polyamide LF driver and UFLC (ply Urethane Film Laminated Cloth) HF driver for maximum sound performance
  • High efficiency bi-amplifier drive with 18W each for LF and HF drivers.
  • Glossy front baffle with gently tapered top

PM0.4n is wall-mount ready with four implanted nuts on the bottom of the enclosure cabinet. The pitch between the nuts (47mm x 62mm) is suitable for popular wall mount brackets, great for surround sound implementations.

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