Vestax VCI-100mkII 4-Deck DJ Controller

Vestax VCI 100mkII Dj Controller

At the 2011 NAMM Show, Vestax introduced the VCI-100MkII dj controller, integrating 4-deck control, enhanced platter resolution, hands-on platter torque control, new MIDI controls, and an audio interface for CD players, turntables, samplers, or effects.

The VCI-100MkII’s platter technology has been enhanced with increased pulse resolution (2400 pulses per rotation) and optimized torque control. DJs now have the ability to tune the JOG wheel’s rotation torque to their preference by adjusting the centerpiece.

The VCI-100MKII also gives DJs the ability to simultaneously control 4 decks. The symmetrical control layout and DECK selector switches provide effortless switching between decks.

A high quality 2 input 4 output professional audio interface has been built into the VCI-100MKII, which enables the addition of CD players, turntables, effects, samplers and more to the DJs setup. The VCI-100MKII can also be used with other audio interfaces.

The VCI-100MKII comes bundled with Traktor LE DJ software.

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