Dingsaller Algorithmic Composition Workspace Now Available

Developer Tim Boldstad has announced that Dingsaller -a workspace for creating algorithmic compositions on the iPad – is now available (App Store link).

Dingsaller lets you “patch together a complex graph of music generating nodes, synths, and effects and control them with a touch.”

Key Features:

  • Synths and Sampler Instruments
  • Digital Effects
  • Pattern Sequencer
  • Random Note Generators
  • Touch and Tilt Controllers
  • Recording

Boldstad says that MIDI support is “coming soon”.

Dingsaller is currently US $2.99.

If you’ve tried Dingsaller, let us know what you think of it!

Note Nodes

  • Doubler
  • Random
  • Pitch Shift
  • Keyboard
  • Pattern
  • Note Filter
  • FlipFlop

Control Nodes

  • XY-Pad
  • Tilt
  • Slider Control

Instrument Nodes

  • WaveSynth
  • DualWave
  • SimpleSampler

Effect Nodes

  • Resonant
  • Chorus
  • MultiTap Delay

6 thoughts on “Dingsaller Algorithmic Composition Workspace Now Available

  1. Well, first of I don't think a C64 sounds that bad 🙂

    But still, I wonder if this demo isn't more about demonstrating the possibilities than the sound qualities. Sure he does some filtering and such, but isn't this more about the real time changing of the sound and all ?

    The article mentions synths, so I'm sure there are more sounds besides this available. The fact that he never changed much of the sound (type for example) makes me wonder if this was really what this demo was aiming at.

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