Native Instruments Intros Traktor Audio 6 & Traktor Audio 10, 2nd Gen Audio Interfaces

Native Instruments Traktor Audio Interface

Native Instruments has announced TRAKTOR AUDIO 6 and TRAKTOR AUDIO 10, the second generation of its line of DJ audio interfaces.

The AUDIO 6 and AUDIO 10 both offer two additional channels over the previous AUDIO 4 and AUDIO 8 models. We’re starting to see a pattern here……

The additional channels mean that, even when all decks of the TRAKTOR software are routed to individual channels for external mixing, a further stereo I/O remains available with the new audio interfaces. This can be used with the Loop Recorder and Sample Decks, as a dedicated effect send/return, to record an externally mixed set back into TRAKTOR, or for other creative routing purposes.

According to Native, the interfaces boast improved 24bit/96Khz Cirrus Logic converters, +12 dBu output volume and improved signal quality. LED indicators also allow for more intuitive monitoring of the signal chain, even in low-light club environments.

A further advantage of the AUDIO 6 and AUDIO 10 is the new “Direct Thru” bypass function, which can be toggled individually per channel remotely from the computer. In a typical club setup, an engaged “Direct Thru” passes the signal of the turntable or CD deck directly to the hardware mixer, even with no computer attached. This allows for easier switchovers between successive DJ sets, and makes the new interfaces suitable for permanent club installation.

AUDIO 6 and AUDIO 10 also include TRAKTOR LE 2, a new entry-level DJ software based on the latest TRAKTOR PRO 2 generation.

The compact AUDIO 2 DJ interface continues to be available without any technical changes under the new name TRAKTOR AUDIO 2, and also comes bundled with the new TRAKTOR LE 2 software.

TRAKTOR AUDIO 6 and TRAKTOR AUDIO 10 will be available April 2011 for MSRP $279/249 EUR and $449/399 EUR.

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  1. just got tracktor scratch pro 2 with audio 10.
    I;m having trouble figuring out how to record an external mix.
    any suggestions?

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