Diego Stocco’s Dustland

Sunday Synth Jam: Sound designer & composer Diego Stocco‘s Dustland is a cinematic sounding electroacoustic improvisation, recorded with Stocco’s Fence Bass:

This instrument has a rough and edgy sound since it’s all made of metal, so I imagined a piece that could work in a modern Western film, I’m a fan of the genre.

Everything is created in real time, no pre-existing loops, additional tracks or post-efx involved. I built a chain of processors in Live that I control with a pedal board, all rhythmic parts and ambiences are derived from whatever sound/noise comes from the Fence Bass.

Stocco frequently works by sampling unusual “found” instruments or with electronically processed instruments of his own design.

In this case, Stocco processed his Fence Bass with Ableton Live, controlled using a Keith McMillen Instruments SoftStep pedal board.

See Stocco’s Behance page for photos of his setup and his Bandcamp page for downloads.

The track is available at my Bandcamp page (if you wish to download it for free or name your price): diegostocco.bandcamp.com/?track/?dustland

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