Apple Intros GarageBand For The iPad – The $5 Mobile DAW

iPad GarageBand

Apple today introduced GarageBand for the iPad – a version of the company’s entry-level digital audio workstation, optimized for multi-touch mobile music making.


  • Musical instruments designed for Multi-Touch.
  • 70 synth presets
  • Arpeggiator
  • “Smart instrument” features
  • 8-track recording
  • Guitar amp simulator
  • Stomp box effects
  • Track sharing via email or iTunes
  • Tracks can be opened in GarageBand on the Mac

GarageBand for the iPad will sell for $4.99,  a price that promises to radically expand the audience for music-making apps on the iPad. The iPad version of GarageBand will be available starting March 11th.

Here’s a gallery of screen shots for GarageBand for the iPad:

GarageBand for the iPad will work with the existing iPad – but it will be interesting to see how performance fares. Apple, unfortunately, doesn’t say anything about features that a lot of musicians will be interested in, like MIDI support, workflows going back and forth to the Mac and support for third-party instruments.

A $5 mobile DAW is big news, though, and Apple is packing a lot into the app for the money.

What do you think of Apple’s iPad GarageBand announcement?

18 thoughts on “Apple Intros GarageBand For The iPad – The $5 Mobile DAW

  1. I'd say it is cool as hell! Who wouldn't want a multitrack studio in a little magic box… Back when I was 16 I bought a 4 track for like $300; and I couldnt bring it to the beach or a mountain top. I used to dream about stuff like this when I was a little boy… Too bad I don't have an iPad lol.

  2. if i would use it, i would probably just creat some samples or loops with it… nothing seriously… and specially something i could have fun with on the road and still use it later when im home..

  3. and can you run real softwares out there on the ipad like ableton ? or some other stuff?? or maschine!!! if maschine could run on the ipad, the would be so awsome!!!

  4. it will come.

    With a dual-core processor, these new tablets are actually pretty powerful. Time for the developers to make the processors overheat a bit!

  5. The real question that nobody is asking:

    Will an external USB soundcard be supported; along with multiple channels, of course…


  6. In the product intro, talked about the “keys” being velocity sensitive due to the iPad’s accelerometer. You hit them harder and the notes are louder.

  7. Be aware that, as of iOS 4.2, the Yeti and similar USB mics require a powered USB hub. Before 4.2 it worked as is without a powered hub.

    IK Multimedia is coming out with a condenser mic that plugs into the headphone/mic socket. That will make for a lower quality sound signal; the same difference between the guitar jacks that pug in via the dock vs. those that use the headphone/mic socket.

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