FL Studio 9.9 Beta Out – Here’s What’s New

FL StudioImage-Line has announced version 9.9 Beta of FL Studio, now in beta testing.

Here’s what’s new in FL Studio 9.9:

  • New Project Picker browser, improves Playlist workflow allowing Patterns to be previewed and selected.
  • Chainer, an instrument and effect plugin chainer.
  • ZgeViz a music visualization effect plugin based on the free open source ZGameEditor.
  • Fixed problem with sidechain selectors in Vocodex.
  • Fixed tiny bug in envelope filter tool.
  • Fixed rendering start time problem.
  • Fixed small bug on playlist loop marker deletion.
  • Fixed bug when deleting playlist clips through their menu.
  • Fixed bug when undoing recording of audio+piano roll when there were no notes yet.
  • Fixed crash when sending presets directly to plugin window in some rare cases.
  • Fixed bug in Fruity Love Philter’s waveshaper.

FL Studio 9.9 beta is available now.

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