Monster Formant Modular Synthesizer

In the halls of the monster synths, a special place should be reserved for Siegfried Brückner’s Monster Formant Modular.

For the record, here’s our definition of a monster synth:

monster synth is a large synthesizer that could potentially kill you, if it fell over on you. Monster synths also are named, ie., Tonto or The Synth of Doom.

We don’t know if Brückner’s monster formant modular synthesizer has a name, but we’re giving it the benefit of the doubt.

The Elektor Formant modular synthesizer is a DIY synth project, in the style of a Moog modular, that was documented as a series of articles in Elektor magazine, starting in 1977.

via tomabeman:

This is the mega big DIY Formant Mudular Synthesizer of my friend Siegfried Brückner from Duesseldorf/Germany.

Many Modules are prepatched on the rear into 3 systems. The red one for the Sequencer, the yellow one for the Basspedal and the green one for the melody solo. Everything is reconfigurable on the front.

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