Somatic Circuits VC-303 A Roland TB-303 For Modular Synths

VC303 Bassline Synthesizer

Somatic Circuits’ VC-303 is a clone of the classic Roland TB-303 synth, sans sequencer, for modular synthesizers.

According to the manufacturer, the VC-303 is a “100% clone of the classic bassline synth”.


  • original signal path/schematic
  • original part type and n.o.s. transistors used.
  • all transistors matched for a pure sound. all on board controls and in/out.
  • high grade spring loaded jacks – 3.5mm ‘lumberg’ pcb mounted type to last a lifetime.
  • low profile 2 board design for use within a mobile system.


  • vco – 1v/oct keyboard in , frequency modulation cv in and glide 0-5v in.
  • vcf – frequency control cv in.
  • env- envelope cv out , gate 0-5v in.
  • vca – accent 0-5v in and audio out.


  • waveform select – saw / square (303 type).
  • vco tune.
  • vcf cut-off, resonance and env mod.
  • env decay.
  • vca accent and volume.

The VC-303 is expected to ship in March for $380 in Eurorack format and Frac format is $350. A 5U version is also planned.

Details at the Somatic Circuits site.

2 thoughts on “Somatic Circuits VC-303 A Roland TB-303 For Modular Synths

  1. This is awesome, except there's no audio input, that's the whole point of modular, hence being able to patch other oscillator's through any filter and other modules.

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