Pittsburgh Modular Analog Delay Module

Pittsburgh Modular: Analog Delay

Pittsburgh Modular has introduced a new modular, the Analog Delay.

This is a new 16 HP analog delay, designed around two 4096 stage low noise BBD chips. The Analog Delay features a clean 9/10th of a second adjustable delay time and CV control of Rate, Feedback, and Mix.

The delay range starts at about 55ms up to several seconds of “sludge”. The maximum delay is set with a trim pot so you can choose to use the “sludge” or not. The module will ship with the max delay time set at 9/10th second.

The delay will self oscillate and can be FM’d using the Rate CV input.

The module is expected to be available in April and it will cost $249.


5 thoughts on “Pittsburgh Modular Analog Delay Module

  1. 55ms is too much. I'd like an analog delay module to go farther down (or up depending on whether you count cycles or look at the frequency). But I guess it's just not he module for synthesis, but rather for weird effects, dubbing out at the weekend sort of stuff. I for one welcome this new analog addition to the Euro arena nonetheless. Sometimes I feel that too many digital modules are being produced for Euro, especially when it comes to effects.

  2. @random chance: 55 definitely is too high, can you recommend either a module or even a pedal/stompbox type delay thats 100% analog path and can go a little lower? Most of my synths are plugs but i have a DSI Mopho and the doepfer dark energy and am looking for a few analog goodies to use with them outside the box.

  3. Date: 27 Aug 2012

    1. How available is this Analog Delay Module?
    2. What is it’s cost?
    3. What is the highest frequency it can delay?
    4. Is a block diagram of this module available?

    George Diefenbach

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