Traktor 2 Now Available To Order, Here’s A Sneak Peak

Native Instruments has announced that Traktor 2 – the next generation of its DJ hardware and software platform – is now available for order, and will be shipping April 1st.

The video, above, offers a sneak preview of Traktor 2.

Traktor 2 was on the menu at a Breakfast of Champions recently, hosted at Qbert’s crib in San Francisco. The three-way jam session features Qbert, Shiftee and Rafik performing on 4 turntables with just one Traktor Scratch Pro 2 system, making full use of the 10 inputs and outputs of the Traktor Audio 10 interface.

Native Instruments Maschine is also used as a MIDI controller for Traktor.

Here are the highlights of Traktor 2:

Traktor 2 Software:

  • New: High-res colored TruWave waveforms differentiate between kicks, hi-hats and snares so you can mix your tracks visually.
  • New: redesigned, easy on the eye GUI and layouts, including Essential View for simple external mixer control.
  • New: Capture and layer loops via the Sample Decks, build your own loop libraries and flavor your mix with heavyweight effects.

Traktor 2 Scratch:

  • New: TRAKTOR 2 generation software with Sample Decks, SoftSync and unparalleled effects, ideal for creating unique sets.
  • New: TRAKTOR AUDIO 6 & 10 interfaces with expanded connectivity and increased performance.
  • New: Hardware Direct Thru mode for simple DJ switchovers and Auto Detection plug & play simplicity.

Traktor Kontrol:

  • New: Now bundled with new TRAKTOR 2 software for enhanced power and simplicity.
  • Fluid hardware and software integration based on a protocol 30 times more detailed than MIDI ensures amazing tactility and visual feedback.
  • Robust and travel-ready hardware built with the highest-quality components, designed to excel in the toughest club environments.

Traktor Audio:

  • New: Audio chips and new drivers guarantee even better sound quality and lower latency.
  • New: Direct Thru mode means TRAKTOR AUDIO interfaces work without a computer, making DJ switchovers a breeze.
  • New: Up to 10 channels – hook up your TRAKTOR effects as a send/return effects unit or route Sample Decks to separate channels.

See the Native Instruments site for details.


10 thoughts on “Traktor 2 Now Available To Order, Here’s A Sneak Peak

  1. Yes – confusing as can be. They used to call it Traktor DJ Studio 2, now it's Traktor Pro 2, the next generation or something like that.

    I still want to know why it takes three guys to run one laptop, though.

  2. I think Flancher is right – but who really knows?

    The way this is going, the next release will be Traktor Extreme, version 1.

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