What Would You Do With Three Roland TB-303 Bassline Synths?

What would you do with three Roland TB-303 bassline synthesizers?

Have a massive techno jam?

Keep one and sell the others to fund your synth lab expansion?

Do an acid rendition of Bach’s Three-Part Inventions?

Here’s one answer – TB AbunDance.

via repeatle via waveformless:

Making something that is close(r) to musik using three Roland TB-303, one Roland TR-606 and EFX.

Disclaimer: I do realize that you could make something much better just using one TB-303. So can I but that’s not the idea behind this recording.


8 thoughts on “What Would You Do With Three Roland TB-303 Bassline Synths?

  1. Ok tough guy. He just saying that because of all the trolls I'm sure. Posting videos online has gotten ridiculous, you try to share something with people and you get picked apart by every jack off with no taste in the world.

    I agree with other guy though. Make some recordings, then go to eBay with 2 of them. You can still get 2 x0xb0x's, and have like 2-3 grand leftover for some really interesting synths.

  2. I like it. Way better than some of the really poor demos (at least to my ears) of way more expensive gear like Buchlas or rooms full of other modulars that people sometimes put online and that find their way to Synthtopia. I'd probably also sell them though. Maybe all of them to buy more Eurorack stuff and create some ugly sounding patches just for myself and not for Youtube.

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