Why We Love The Serge Modular Synthesizer

Klaus Gstettner put together this three-part tutorial that shows why he loves the Serge – and how to get some sound out of a Serge Modular with only one 8step SequencerA and a clock.

In part two – after clocking SeqA at audio rate, Gstettner adds another CV module into the audio path to make the waveform more interesting…

Finally, the wave gets a bit animated – conclusion of the SeqA as waveform generator and only one of example what you can do with just CV processing blocks…

6 thoughts on “Why We Love The Serge Modular Synthesizer

  1. A good explanation. The sequencer is cool. I wonder to how many people who watch this running a sequencer at audio-rate to do some kind of waveform sequencing is new. I did that a couple of years ago, and while it's fun it never really got anywhere musically.

    I've always love the look of Serge modulars because they look like test equipment. The oscilloscope fits right in and the presenter actually does something meaningful with it. Thums up!

  2. Well, that's 20 minutes of my life I'll never get back. How to use an expensive modular synth to generate an annoying hum and then transform it into a really irritating buzz.

    A big enough capacitor on the output should help to fix the problem.

  3. ugh. finally someone who actually knows how to use a modular system posts a video and you ying-yangs don't get it. while the video was pretty damn boring he is actually giving you useful information, he is not demonstrating the sound of his system.

    and not a word out of you, xenakis the cable guy. no one wants to hear your bleeps and bloops, sissy space sex thunder suck.

  4. and what your implying you could make something more musically if u had a modular system yea your myspace is deff a great example of how musically you can get

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