Hip Hop Beatmaking With Triple A

Toronto-based  Andrew “Triple A” sent us word of this series of hip hop beatmaking videos, which combine sequencing, sampling and live instruments.

Whether or not you’re into hip hop, the videos are nicely crafted and do a great of job of demonstrating Triple A’s approach to beatmaking.

Check them out and let us know what you think!

Beatmaking with Triple A, Episode 2

Beatmaking with Triple A, Episode 3


13 thoughts on “Hip Hop Beatmaking With Triple A

  1. So why are you posting this? because every other bedroom producers works like this (minus the mc 505, ehich no one ever yuses for a reason;))

  2. Fun – reminded me a little of the pomplamouse videos. I liked how the composition was built up visually.

    The third was my favorite of the three.

  3. how else are you gonna make a living doing it? seriously?

    the reason its generic is because people buy the shit all the time

    if everyone bought shit like aphex twin, then that would be generic

    not saying i dig these "beats" or anything like that, but if dude is living off this income then im jealous ON THE REAL, DOG… my artistic integrity and innovative experimentation aint paying the bills over here, maybe im just not doing it right but i tend to think its more complex than that

  4. At least he's doin something. stop sayin his beats are shit. f*ckin get off yur ass and show us your stuff

    Not my cup of tea either but respect to the creators.

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