Kebu’s The Lunar Effect (Yamaha S30 demo)

Sunday Synth Jam: This video works on several levels: as a synth jam, as an exploration of the capabilities of the Yamaha S30 synthesizer and as a tutorial on arranging a track with a MIDI sequencer.

All sounds come from the Yamaha S30. Technical details below. 

via kebunator:

This time I wanted to explore the limits of my Yamaha S30, so I decided to compose, arrange and record a whole tune only by MIDI sequencing the S30.

The song was programmed/performed using Cubase SL solely as a MIDI sequencer controlling the S30 (in “Performance” mode). The song was then recorded straight to 2-track tape in one go. No overdubs, multitracking or external effects were used. Only mild EQ and limiting was used for the digital master. The video was later compiled showing how the various parts were played or programmed.

Many of the patches used are from JayB’s free bank of sounds for the S80, which are also compatible with the S30 (and most of them works also on a CS6x):

2 thoughts on “Kebu’s The Lunar Effect (Yamaha S30 demo)

  1. Ironic that synths like the S30 give you 64 voices of polyphony, but you don't really need it when you can record 128+ tracks of audio on your laptop!

    It is probably pointless to complain about monotonous drums on a (rather nice and classic-sounding) trance song, but I think it wouldn't harm the style or the song if you added more variation in terms of sound, dynamics, and arrangement on the percussion track.

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