10 Apps That Support The SynthStation25

Akai Synthstation25 iPhone MIDI Controller

Here’s a list of apps that currently support the Akai SynthStation 25:

  1. kinetic – Erik Sigth
  2. 50in1 Piano – Alexander Gross
  3. Sinusoid – Erik Sigth
  4. iVoxel – VirSyn
  5. NanoStudio – Blip Interactive Ltd
  6. NLog MIDI Synth – tempo rubato
  7. SynthStation – Akai Professional
  8. Music Studio – Alexander Gross
  9. Fairlight – Fairlight Instruments Pty Ltd
  10. Fairlight Pro – Fairlight Instruments Pty Ltd
via IOSMusician, who’s trying to keep a current list of compatible apps.

4 thoughts on “10 Apps That Support The SynthStation25

  1. They are sold two different apps in the App Store now.

    I think you can still upgrade the basic version to the Pro level using an in-app purchase, though.

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