The Kinect-Based MultiMultiTouchTouch Instrument

Mark Mosher interviewed Tim Thompson for this first look at Thompson’s Kinect-based instrument, MultiMultiTouchTouch:

MultiMultiTouchTouch is custom solution invented by Tim Thompson that offers players any number of arbitrarily-shaped multitouch areas with three-dimensional spatial control.

Interaction with this space allows users to control and play virtual synthesizers using a Microsoft Kinect as the controller.

In this video Mark Mosher interviews Tim, who offers a behind-the-scenes look at the technology. At the end of the video Mark gives MultiMultitouchTouch a try.

Thompson’s MultiMultiTouchTouch is built with these components:

The raw output of this controller is OSC messages formatted using the TUIO (multitouch) standard format. Parameters of the software can be controlled with JSON-formatted messages.

More interviews like this at Mosher’s ModulateThis!

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