GarageBand Update Lets Mac Import iPad Projects

Apple has released an update to Garageband for Mac, version 6.02, that improves overall stability and addresses a number of minor issues.

Though Apple isn’t hyping this update, it will be an important one for iPad users. The release brings support for opening projects imported from GarageBand for iPad – so you can start a recording on an iPad and bring it over to a Mac for further work in GarageBand or even Logic.

This update is recommended for all GarageBand ’11 users.

7 thoughts on “GarageBand Update Lets Mac Import iPad Projects

  1. The truth is that GarageBand is pretty useful and having it an 8-track recorder that you can carry around anywhere is pretty amazing.

  2. hmm. the cool thing about this, that no one has mentioned is that you can import a garageband file into logic. Therefore you can work on something on your ipad garageband (bus, train, car, plane) bring it in to garageband on your mac and transfer it to logic. that to me is pretty damn cool.

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