Yamaha Mox 6 & 8 Synthesizers Intro’d At Musikmesse

Yamaha MOX

Musikmesse 2011: Yamaha has introduced two new synths, described as offering “heavyweight professional performance with lightweight price tag” –  the Yamaha MOX 6 and MOX 8 music production synthesizers.

In other words – the Motif XS Sound Engine on a budget.

Here’s the official intro video for the Yamaha MOX synthesizers:


This video takes a look at the Yamaha MOX sound engine:

Next, the Yamaha MOX features a USB Audio/MIDI interface:

Finally, a look at the Yamaha MOX vocoder & effects:

Both models offer over 1200 voices and over 350 MB of waveforms from the Motif XS. These sounds can be edited with Yamaha’s  XA (Expanded Articulation) technology and their Virtual Circuitry Modeling capability.

Both models are designed to be ‘complete’ music making instruments, with a real or step time multi track sequencer, combined with 6720 arpeggiator patterns.

Other features:

  • Bundled YC-3B Organ Emulator soft synth
  • Steinberg Prologue analog synth
  • Cubase AI.
  • Lightweight construction. The MOX 6 weighs in at a 7 kilos
  • 4-In 2-Out USB Audio / MIDI interface
  • The MOX 8 features a fully-weighted Graded hammer 88-note keyboard.
  • Rhe MOX 6 features a brand new 61-note semi-weighted keyboard.

Pricing: MOX 6 £1051, MOX 8 £1576.

25 thoughts on “Yamaha Mox 6 & 8 Synthesizers Intro’d At Musikmesse

  1. So I guess no aftertouch. What about the polyphony? What about the effects? What about the engine…although that was nothing to write home about in the first place.

    And gee, a free soft synth bundled. Thanks man, that makes it a little less obsolete.

  2. "I wouldn't expect 128-voice and aftertouch at this price. It would hurt the XF sales IMO."

    Don't be ridiculous. At £1051, thats the LEAST I expect.

    Kurzweil can offer FULL BLOWN workstation at lower price.
    -128 Voice Polyphony
    -16 parts Multitimbral with effect for EVERY part!!!
    -2 Sound ROM Expansion Slots
    -3 switch pedal input, 2 continuous control pedal inputs, breath controller input.
    -Organ modelling in the synth
    -Analog modelling as well!!!
    -VAST synthesis engine with FM and loads and loads of stuff
    -Shame on you Yamaha! This is actually rather offending offer.

  3. They should definitely release a CS-8000.

    I'd even go for 8 voice polyphony if it sounded great, had polyphonic aftertouch, and didn't weigh 300 lbs.

  4. eu tenho um M08 e só quero ver se pelo menos este sucessor vem com o sistema de não cortar o som na trocar de timbres… é ridículo um teclado desses não ter esse sistema… cúmulo do absurdo… comprei o meu há poucos dias e nem desconfiava disso… aff

  5. Kurzweil actually has a synthengine to do something with those samples, which makes them so much more playable, responsive, expressive, interesting and musical than almost completely straight Yamahas signal path, that you could almost compare to some of the poorer Casios….

    so in my opinion its much more like comparing Ferraris chassis, with no tires vs extremely tuned Ford Mustang with Boeing F-22 Raptors engine.

    Which makes Kurzweils PC361, when going back to the topic, to be able to destroy Mox with one missile, that reads After Touch on its side. And it still has plenty of firepower to blast other dated Yamaha synth gear, no matter what kind of static samples they might have. All that with the price of one Mox. 90's went long ago, now the game is about engines again.

  6. With the Kurzweil PC3Le 8.. it can still kill this machine any time. Hmm but the 355Mb of roms seems to be an interesting offer..
    I still choose pc3Le over this..

    1. My question exactly: MoX8 or PC3LE8 ?
      If someone could "copy" the 6700 arp patterns' data to the PC3LE8 …
      And USB streaming of synth audio is nice …

  7. For me the main selling point of the Yamaha Mox is the USB interface covering audio and midi.This is going to make pc integration seamless in my opinion so long as the latency isnt an issue.Have to wait and see

  8. What I can't understand with the $1700.00 price tag is that they decided to put all these great sounds and arpeggiators in an almost all plastic case. So what if its lighter!! I still own a MO8 and I wouldn't consider selling it for a MOX8, because for starters, The build quality on my MO8 is way sturdier, having a predominantly metal case. I was also shocked when I played the MOx in Guitar Center because of the so Called Graded Hammer Action which is definately lighter than the MO8. It felt cheaper to me. Also you STILL have 64 note polyphony, which when you layer sounds, even just two, has too many dropouts. they could at least have made it 80 note polyphony. Gees! Finally not having aftertouch at least for the price, sucks! I'm NOT buying a keyboard just because of its engine! On a positive note. Being able to work seamlessly with a DAW is great and I like the idea of a dedicated fader.
    I do have to mention one final thing and that is, the sliders. I really think they should have included them for better zone control. Not just knobs. I love the sliders on my MO8. They are extremely helpful with volumes for splits and layers. If you're looking for lightweight keyboard, with a lot of sounds and Arpeggiators, and you don't care about polyphony, aftertouch, the plastic case or the action, then the MOX6 or 8 are great. Thanks but if I'm going to upgrade just a little bit, I'll have to wait for something better to come along with a similar price tag.

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