What’s The Hottest New Hardware Synth Introduced At Musikmesse 2011?

Musikmesse 2011Musikmesse 2011 has come and gone.

And, while Synthtopia readers have enjoyed debating the pros and cons of each introduction, it was actually a pretty good year for hardware synths.

Korg introduced a new synth + sequencer combination, the Korg Monotribe. Roland introduced the massive Jupiter 80 synthesizer. Yamaha introduced the budget-minded Mox 6 & 8 keyboards. Nord came through with the Electro 3 HP.

Other introductions included: the Vermona PerFourMer Mk11 polyphonic synthesizer; the Elektrokosmos Kosmonaut; and some interesting new modular synth modules.

And one of the surprises of the show was the Schmidt Analog Synthesizer – an all-analog monster synth.

What’s the hottest new hardware synth introduced at Musikmesse 2011? One of these synths – or something else?

Weigh in below with your thoughts!

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5 thoughts on “What’s The Hottest New Hardware Synth Introduced At Musikmesse 2011?

  1. Never mind the hardware. Why does no one ever do a demo that isn't either "Jump," endless 64th note white mall jazz or some neo-Daft Punk drivel? If that's all you can play, just turn the gear off, heh heh. There's a big difference between HAVING any of this equipment and having someone besides yourself enjoy the results. New trends I want to see most: competence and a few more people with ideas that are less than 75% derivative of the dance floor. BTW, I genuinely like some dance music, when it has a little compositional pizzazz, but that washing-machine beat gets old unless you are a 16-year-old guy with virtual priapism.

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