FunkBox 2.1 Adds The MIDI Sync Funk

Funkbox iPad CoreMIDI

iPad Music Software: Synthetic Bits announced today that they’ve updated FunkBox (App Store link) – their $2.99 virtual drum machine for iOS – to version 2.1.:

FunkBox v2.1 was approved blazingly fast today by Apple! If you are using FunkBox with CoreMIDI, or running it on an iPhone 3G with iOS4, or do a lot of drum box custom sample editing, you will definitely want to update as soon as possible.

If you have an iOS device that can do multi-tasking, you may also want to pick up the BassLine and MoDrum apps to play with the new multi-tasking audio features that allow you to run FunkBox simultaneously with other music apps. Thank you to Finger apps for leading the way with these extremely cool CoreMIDI features that we think are going to change music making on iOS dramatically for the better!

For iOS musicians, the FunkBox update is one more small step towards iOS MIDI nirvana. Details below. 

The FunkBox v2.1 update includes:

  • Fixed startup issues with iPhone 3G/iOS4
  • Fixed edit drum part crash problems
  • Improved CoreMIDI/sync support
  • Added background / multi-tasking audio support
  • Added option to disable startup sounds and/or auto-start beat in Settings app
  • Added lock drum machine option
  • Added master volume slider in mixer
  • Increased touch size of sliders
  • Misc other improvements and fixes

via Synthetic Bits

19 thoughts on “FunkBox 2.1 Adds The MIDI Sync Funk

  1. I would never support a developer that's out for the QUICK BUCK. Not saying this one falls under that category,but, there have been alot in the recent past.

    Sure, these sell for cheap compared to computer software,but, trash is trash at whatever price.

    1. Tonedeft

      Are you suggesting that somebody developing and regularly updating a $3 app is trying to rip people off?

      Have you tried this app out?

  2. This is my favorite drum app on the iOS. Fast and easy to use with great sounds. Also easy to run the patterns out to use in Logic.

  3. Bravo, Art @ syntheticbits. BRAVO. Fucking BBBBRAAVVVOOOOOOO!

    This is what I'm talking about. Devs getting on the same standard to make this shit SING.

  4. Yes, you can sync wirelessly with other iOS devices running BassLine/MoDrum, or with a laptop running Ableton. I'm going to try to put together a video this weekend showing all the different MIDI stuff happening together. Also have to fix a couple bugs.

  5. It supports both MIDI clock sync and notes out. So you can either sync up to Ableton and have it playing the loop in time with the app, or you can send MIDI notes to an instrument in Ableton to be triggered individually.

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