New Ambient Music Sample Library

ambient music sample libraryLoopBased has introduced Ambivalence – a new sound pack with the focus on extremly long evolving drones/soundscapes and on interchangeable synth loops for music styles like Electronica, Chillout, Ambient and as well for cinematic sound tracks.


  • Over 1 GB content in 24 Bit/44.1 Khz WAV format, normalized and free of DC offset.
  • Includes 32 long drones and soundscapes, 32 “Main Loops”, 133 “Loop Elements”.
  • The drones and soundscapes are 16, 32 or 64 bars long (at 120 BPM), so most of them have a length of more than one or two minutes. These long samples have only short fade outs at the end to give you the freedom to determine the optimal release times for your productions within your sampler or your DAW software on your own.
  • All loops are at 120 BPM, 4 or 8 bars long and are carefully edited for seemless looping without glitches.
  • The “Main Loops” are small, but complex musical miniatures, consisting of vintage synth lines, modulated analogue step sequences and arpeggios, sweeping pads, atonal fx loops and various other sounds that are mixed together with different levels and pannings.
  • The so called “Loop Elements” are looped, isolated layers from the “Main Loops”, but they are centered and at full level now. Each “Loop Element” again consists of several layers on its own. Most of these “Loop Elements” are interchangeable among themselves. This allows you to create 1001 new loop variations or to build up an arrangement progression for the “Main Loops”.

Ambivalence is available now for 15 EUR.


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