Ableton Live Tutorial – Making Glitch Patterns With 128s


This Ableton Live tutorial takes a look at how to make glitch style patterns using 128s in Live’s Sampler instrument. This approach can be applied to many genres and lends itself to deep experimentation.

Check out for the free sample library used in this video.

via Lynch Audio

6 thoughts on “Ableton Live Tutorial – Making Glitch Patterns With 128s

  1. I'm constantly amazed by all the high quality free tutorials on the net. Ableton especially seems to have a vibrant tutorial ecosystem. One of the many reasons Ableton is my DAW of choice.

  2. Good Live tutorials can be amazing when you see how somebody uses Live in a way totally different than the way you do.

    At first, you may be thinking "Why would you want to do that?" Pretty soon, you're thinking "That's pretty cool……"

  3. Its not just the product, its mostly the userbase.

    People use Live because they like it and it suits them, not because Live has "a name" or "a reputation". This is generalizing a bit on my part, but IMO that is the main reason why fora aimed at Live get you much less "RTFM n00b!" kind of responses than other fora tend to generate.

    And yes; this can also be seen in the many tutorials out there.

    Just my 2 biased cents here of course.

  4. Yes! These video tutorials show me not just the end result, but the process and context — and understanding WHY someone has adopted a given workflow. This sort of thing isn't overtly evident in the music, but is nonetheless at the foundation of its creation.

    Live's UI also lends itself well to customization. I'm not just talking about the skin colors, although I like seeing who else uses Oak. 🙂

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