Reed Ghazala’s Thereglyph

Reed Ghazala demonstrates a new circuit-bent instrument – theĀ Ghazala Thereglyph.

via qrghazala:

Radio interference, traditionally a problem in audio, can be used to our advantage. By means of the Thereglyph instrument I would like to introduce to circuit-bending a concept I call radiopool.

While Leon’s Theremin looks to onboard RF generation and sounds the same played anywhere, immersing a radiopool instrument to various depths within the RF field (the radiopool) yields changing results… similar to differing the length of the air column within a flute.

Here I’m playing the Thereglyph within the radiopool of a plasma globe – sometimes touched, sometimes not. For more info on this instrument and building one yourself, check-out my flickr gallery:

10 thoughts on “Reed Ghazala’s Thereglyph

  1. it looks cool. thats about it. all those knobs and yet not much control or differentiation of sound, texture, pitch. i expect more from him.

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