The Casio VL-10 – The World’s Tiniest Commercial Synthesizer?

Image: m4barcelona

Saturday Synth Porn: The Casio VL-10 VL-Tone synthesizer is one of those bizarre frankensynths of the 80’s, part calculator, part synthesizer, part drum machine.

The Casio VL-10  is notable for being one of the tiniest synths commercially available. And, as the photo above demonstrates, it’s actually kind of attractive, in a minimal way.

Check out the demo below to see this thing in action and to see just how tiny it is:

Casio packed a lot of fun into the VL-10. It makes you wonder what power they could pack into a similar device, with today’s electronics……

via the Synthtopia Flickr Group

10 thoughts on “The Casio VL-10 – The World’s Tiniest Commercial Synthesizer?

  1. the vl-10 unlike the vl-1 doesn’t have adjustable ADSR and therefore is not a synthesizer. it’s just a toy keyboard.

  2. Helen, you are correct. The VL-10 is too often mistaken as a synth. It’s just a really cool little keyboard, and a very rare one at that. I paid around £50 for one that was in excellent condition circa 2004. Had it at a friends party the other night and everyone loved it. Still looks ultra modern too

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