New EMS Synthi A Synthesizer Shipping

UK’s Electronic Music Studios is shipping new versions of the EMS Synthi A suitcase synthesizer, according to TheSynthi:

The Synthi A’s have started shipping. These are photos were kindly sent to me by someone who has been on the waiting list since 1998. He received it a few days ago..

You’ll notice it still retains the Bulgin AC socket and there is no prestopatch socket. I think keeping the Bulgin socket is good idea on a Synthi A(S) as an IEC socket would look out of place to my eyes.. Pity the prestopatch connector wasn’t kept though..

Anyway the buyer also had Robin add a bunch of mods before shipping it :-

Osc sync on Osc 2
Hi/lo frequency range on all 3 oscillators
Osc 3 stabilisation (this is done as standard for Osc 1 & 2)
VC shape on Osc 2 & 3
Patchable inverter
Switchable filter mode 18/24 dB
Switchable filter unslew
VC filter response

If you’re interested in getting a new Synthi A, make sure you note this buyer’s wait time.

6 thoughts on “New EMS Synthi A Synthesizer Shipping

  1. Who would want this when you can simply get an iPad?


    LOL… looks great! Glad they are getting them out.

  2. The quoted prices is wrong (it was £1600 in 1998 !)
    2011 prices are:- Synthi A £3000; VCS3 £3200.
    Note all the Synthi A's with Spartanite attache cases are reserved (about 40 ). After these are sold a new Synthi A with different style attache case *may* be developed, according to Robin Wood at EMS.
    There is no such restriction on new VCS3's.

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