LZX Visionary Video Waveform Generator

LZX Industries’ Video Waveform Generator is a Eurorack synthesizer module designed for manipulating video.

It features a wide range analogue voltage-controlled oscillator with five waveform outputs, pulse-width modulator, and waveshapers, versatile pattern and wipe generation and animation control source.

According to LZX:

What your ear may hear as a subtle difference, your eye may see as a huge one. Since the end results in video synthesis are visual: texture, pattern, and shape instead of audio, there are a number of features and controls in this VCO design that take into consideration this unique application.

The video offers a general overview and demonstration of the Video Waveform Generator’s various features.

The LZX Industries Video Waveform Generator retails for $359.00.

For more specifications, see the LZX site.

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