New Side-Scrolling Step Sequencer – Matthew Davidson’s Plane

Synthesist + developer Matthew Davidson has an interesting new project – Plane, a side-scrolling step sequencer for the Monome + Arc.

It’s a work in progress and is not downloadable yet, but already looks interesting. Plane treats the monome’s grid as a window into a larger matrix sequencer, which you can scroll through using the Arc rotary controllers.

The video, above, captures Davidson discussing his work in progress.

Davidson says thisĀ about Plane:

I’ve always loved step sequencers and I see the monome as an opportunity to address some of the grey area between the one-knob-per-function analog step sequencer and step sequencers with memory. The idea is to increase the available note range without sacrificing precision and increase the available sequence length range, without sacrificing direct manipulation and feedback.

So, when the arc came around it seemed like a useful navigational tool to manipulate a large plane of data.

Here’s a musical demo, with Davidson using the monome 64, monome 512 and monome arc4 & plane to control his modular synthesizer:


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