The Starr Labs Z6-S Ztar

Saturday Synth Porn: Some nice shots of the new Starr Labs Z6-S Deluxe Ztar, in sunburst finish, with long-neck and a whammy bar upgrade.


  • 6 Velocity-sensitive Zero-latency String Triggers
  • Unlimited tunings
  • 32 mappable zones
  • Programmable Auto-chording system
  • Sequencer
  • Arpeggiator
  • 4-way programmable Joystick
  • Volume Pedal Port
  • Sustain Pedal Port
  • MIDI and USB i/o
  • Power Supply, Cables, and Soft Case included

Details on Starr Labs’ Ztar’s are available at their site.


4 thoughts on “The Starr Labs Z6-S Ztar

  1. Couldn't really say until I held one, but it looks really uncomfortable. That being said, the concept seems sound. It's interesting that 20 years ago as a guitarist I looked around and realized the only viable solution to getting great synth sounds was to simply learn to play a keyboard, and I find that to also be exactly the case today. I'm glad I didn't wait around for technology to solve that problem!

  2. Yeah, I'd say thats bad. Because once you 'play' a Misa and realize that 'virtual strings' are just that, 'virtual'… well, lets simply say that the 'actual' strings on these Ztars are head and shoulders more accurate than a Misa, or YRG. Yes, I've played all of them. Its a no brainer for a guitarist that is interested in string sensitivity and overall control of synth sounds and MIDI programmability. Personally, the Misa seemed like a really cool and really expensive toy, but didn't come near the performance capability of one of the Ztars. Don't get me wrong, you have to adjust to playing/performing with most of these MIDI/digi-guitars, but that is normal for learning any new instrument, and the Ztars are indeed an instrument, not just a MIDI controller. IMHO of course.

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