The Eigenharp, Haken Continuum & LinnStrument – Three New Musical Instruments

This is a follow up on the New Musical Instruments Tour, happening this week and next in San Francisco, CA.

This video, via SynthMeTV, captures the May 5th event at CCRMA, Stanford University’s Center for Computer Research in Music and Audio (CCRMA).

Roger Linn hosted the New Musical Instruments Tour event:

  • The Eigenharp was demonstrated by Geert Bevin, Senior Software Developer from UK-based Eigenlabs.
  • The Continuum from Haken Audio, was demonstrated by Bay area pianist Ed Goldfarb.
  • Roger Linn lead the discussion and demonstrated the LinnStrument prototype.

It’s a long video, but, if you’re interested in new electronic instrument design, the discussion by Linn, Goldfarb and Bevin delivers the details.

2 thoughts on “The Eigenharp, Haken Continuum & LinnStrument – Three New Musical Instruments

  1. This is aaaaaaaaawesome. Now that every aspect of a sound is mappable and can be technically explained and reproduced there are all these awesome instruments that are designed to accommodate as much parametric control as possible. Its a lot of explanations and Q/A, if you're looking for demos just go search youtube. I really liked it because you see each of the creators explaining what they're trying to accomplish with their new instrument. definitely worth watching the whole thing

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