Eric Barbour’s Experimental Metasonix Vacuum Tube Synthesizer

Like it thick and nasty?

This video captures Metasonix’ Eric Barbour, no stranger to the thick and nasty, demonstrating hisĀ Experimental Metasonix Console, a vacuum tube synth.

You can get a little insight into the Metasonix mindset from our Eric Barbour interview.

via deengineered:

Don’t expect this to hit the shelves anytime soon, the thyratrons alone cost $20-30 each, and unlike most other Metasonix tubes, are growing scarcer by the year.

3 thoughts on “Eric Barbour’s Experimental Metasonix Vacuum Tube Synthesizer

    1. Huh, I only happened upon this now. Nice of Synthtopia to tell me?

      If you’re referring to the momentary drop in volume at the beginning, that was me adjusting the levels on the camera. Real dumb design, little thumbwheels.

      I otherwise had Eric mic’d up to avoid that audio issue, and the Marshal he was playing through was plenty loud and clear to be picked up by the on-camera mic. Anything else that sounds “bad,” well, it’s Metasonix.

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