Auto-Tune for Guitar (Sneak Preview)

This is a bit off topic, but is an interesting demo of an interesting new electronic music technology intended for guitarists, Antares ATG-6: Auto-Tune for Guitar.

Lots of interesting information in this video and also technical demonstrations, including intonation fixes, instant alternate tunings, doubling of the bottom string, splits, simulated 12-string, tone adjustments and more.

via HarmonyCentral, Axetopia

18 thoughts on “Auto-Tune for Guitar (Sneak Preview)

  1. Liquidclear & @cacealian

    People said the same thing about synths 40 years ago. Why the luddite attitude?

    With something like this, you could play in just intonation on a standard guitar just as easily as you can with some keyboards.

    This looks cool as hell to me.

  2. ok, I have to admit, I wouldnt mind creatively abusing something like this….but it'd likely be far from it's intended usage

  3. This looks like very interesting technology that would basically free up guitarists to do a lot of things that keyboardist can do pretty easily, including splits, doubling and alternate tunings.

    Antares would be smart to give this a different name, though.

    AutoTune's notoriety is because of its use as a 'robot' effect, rather than a subtle correction tool. It seems like as many people hate that effect as like it and so the name has a lot of negative publicity.

  4. That is some of the best guitar pitch shifting i've heard.

    It's basically a better version of what line 6 have been doing with their guitars. Could be good.

  5. I think I agree with you.

    Who cares if 99% of the people abuse this and make boring sh*t? Most of the time, in particular in art, it's the "good" 1% what matters. 🙂

  6. Obviously I don't know much about marketing but I think they will milk as much as possible all the name recognition they've built. Even bad rep is good rep.

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