5 thoughts on “140 dB

  1. Its a great looking video, though borrows heavily from Chris Cunningham's aesthetics, so its not too original. Also, stating that the video's 'main idea is to show how sound can change objects….' is a tad misleading. Nowhere in the video do we actually see or hear real sonic interaction with real objects. If anything, this video shows what one can do with After Effects, Final Cut, maybe Jitter, or whatever editing/film-making software they use. Meh…..

  2. Did my comment hurt someones feelings? So funny that my comment gets a thumbs down. God i luv thee interwebz! So much for any critical analysis of anything these days. Do people really only want their egos stroked by faceless interwebz users, versus some actual criticism that may in fact make one think? FACE PALM! Seriously, I might as well rubbed this video in doo doo! It does absolutely nothing to show any actual relation to how sound can affect physical objects, whether it be a strict one to one relation or a more complex matrix of interaction. The video maker makes a claim, yet the video they make doesn't uphold said claim. Conceptual only! FFS I said it was a great looking video anyways.

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