Roger Linn’s LinnStrument On The Way?

Roger Linn performs an excerpt from Air on a G String by J.S. Bach on his prototype of the LinnStrument.

The LinnStrument a new musical¬†instrument, designed to have ‘3D Note Expression’.

The LinnStrument is capable of sensing independent and simulaneous pitch, timbre and expression data from each finger on each note within a grid. This allows you to slide pitches from one note to another and dynamically vary volume and the sound of each note.

The most interesting part of Linn’s YouTube video, though was a note from Linn that the LinnStrument was ‘coming from Roger Linn Design‘. No pricing or release date have been announced, though.

You can read Linn’s thoughts on the LinnStrument at his site.

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6 thoughts on “Roger Linn’s LinnStrument On The Way?

  1. Honest to God. I loves me some Roger Linn but excuse me whilst I fall asleep.

    Someone wake me up when the iPad version hits. ffs

    It'll also probably be as MASSIVELY overpriced as that fucking beatbox he and Dave Smith just created.


  2. i think thats a pretty cool new controller
    not quite as huge as an eigenharp, and unlikely to be so pricey as a contiuum!

  3. You could do that on the iPad. Pressure sensitivity works with finger velocity. Works great on many apps including GarageBand.

    All I'm saying is that the world does not need another grid product and the thing is going to bomb if released.

  4. The demo is unimpressive.
    However, the configurable overlays with hex grid etc (see website) makes it an interesting tool.
    Problem will be the price though. Small production run ensures boutique category…

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