SampleWiz ‘Coming Soon’, Will ‘Blow Your Mind’

Here’s a sneak preview of the upcoming SampleWiz – a new sampling instrument for the iPad from Jordan Rudess’s Wizdom Music.

According to Rudess, SampleWiz is coming soon and it will ‘blow your mind’.

Rudess, the keyboardist for the prog rock/metal band Dream Theater, is also the founder of Wizdom Music, which has previously released MorphWiz.

Pricing and release date are TBA.


10 thoughts on “SampleWiz ‘Coming Soon’, Will ‘Blow Your Mind’

  1. You know what would blow my mind? If there was a musical product in existence that Rudess insisted WOULDN'T blow my mind. Seriously, how is this guy's opinion worth anything anymore? Is there anything left he hasn't endorsed?

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