Muze Generative Music Synthesizer (Arduino)

Muze is a new generative music synthesizer, created by Joshua Maruska and Adam Kumpf of Teague Labs.

Muze is an Arduino instrumentalist who creates melodies that evolve over time.

Here’s what the developers have to say about Muze:

Muze has a palette of notes that it can in-turn interpret and compose into various rhythms and phrases that are strung together to form something musical. The user can then influence these strings of notes and rhythms to create entirely new compositions. Much like you would a tune a radio to get a new song, Muze can be tuned to provide new and different melodies.

In the interest of keeping Muze from becoming another knob laden techno-fest of an instrument, interaction has been limited to just one input.

But Muze also has its own desire to explore and will continually improvise on the melodies it creates with you. It is out of this ability for it to self-create that Muze becomes a partner and not just an instrument. For instance, we have played with it and then left it to play over lunch. When we return it has come-up with something completely new, yet derivative. Sometimes what Muze creates is enjoyable, sometimes not. At which point you give Muze a little nudge and it creates something new.

All of the code and circuits for the Muze are open source.


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